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Initial One to One Coaching Session

Expert guidance tailored to your needs

Before starting 1 to 1 coaching we highly recommend booking in an initial session with Dr Cara Webb the founder of CASC Master.

These can be provided over Skype or Zoom, thus reducing travelling time and costs when every second of revision counts.

In this session we can get to know you, your working background and exam experience in order to establish a revision plan that is time efficient and tailored to your needs.


You will also practice some scenarios to gauge what level you are currently at and how much time is recommended to give you the power to succeed!

After the initial session you will be recommend a choice of trainers who would best fit your personal needs and personality.


We also offer Skype mock exams which are 16 run through stations with a 20 minute gap in the middle and written feedback received afterwards.



Small group sessions

These can be provided to a maximum of 5 participants at a public venue/hospital of your choice within the North West region.

The benefit of face to face communication and having an expert guide your group revision practice and provide useful feedback cannot be underestimated.

Prices start from £100 an hour per group, with a minimum of a 4 hour session. Venue cost is not included and is expected to be arranged yourself in advance. Sessions are offered for weekends only.

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