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About Us

At CASC Master our ethos is to provide high quality, up to date courses and support.

We offer a great value, personalised experience.

Having recently gained MRCPSYCH membership and as we are currently practicing in the UK we couldn't be in a better position to provide accurate, up to date advice and training for your benefit.

How we are unique to other courses:

-We use small groups (maximum size 15) to give you a personalised experience rather than trying to fill halls with hundreds of participants.

-We offer value for money for what is on offer; exams are expensive enough as it is, especially if it is not your first attempt. (More than half the cost of other similar courses with only 15 participants maximum).

-We have recent, invaluable experience of performing in the exam and can pass on crucial information we wish we had known ourselves.

-We give you the skills to adapt to any scenario rather than hundreds of lists to learn.

-We offer a mixture of presentations and interactive sessions to appeal to all types of learners.

-We are non-judgemental, whether it is your first attempt or your fourth we will support and encourage.

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