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One to One Coaching

Expert guidance tailored to your needs

As well as small group courses we also offer 1:1 and small group coaching.

1:1 sessions

These can be provided over Skype, thus reducing travelling time and costs when every second of revision counts. Not having to act as the patient for your peers means you get the full benefit from practising.

It also enables you to choose areas you feel you need extra support with and to have a tailored environment personalised to your needs. This enables you to maximise efficiency.

Used in combination with the other techniques suggested this can be a valuable addition to your revision giving you the power to succeed.

Prices start from £50 per hour and reduced price block sessions can be purchased. Sessions are offered in the evenings and weekends to fit in with your work schedule.



The 1:1 Skype sessions last an hour, we go through scenarios and you get feedback after each scenario it’s up to you how you use each hour either you pick topics you want to go over in advance or we work through common set scenarios for each topic examined. 


Our pass rate is currently 86% in candidates who have had at least 5 hours with cascmaster- 93 % in candidates who had at least 10 hours. 


Depending on how much feedback is needed for each station we would normally get through 4-6 stations in an hour, you would receive written feedback afterwards including an action plan and also a time table after the first session with suggested reading areas, just a couple a night to keep on track!


We also offer Skype mock exams which are 16 run through stations with a 20 minute gap in the middle and written feedback received afterwards.



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