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About Us

Giving you the power to succeed

At CASC Master our aim is to support you with developing the skills to succeed in any clinical scenario you could face in psychiatric clinical practice or exams.

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I would absolutely recommend CASC Master's Dr. Webb for being your best shot to pass the CASC exam in your first attempt. She is observant, perceptive, and equips you with specific skills that cover the depth and range in each of the commonly tested themes / scenarios at CASC. My structure improved by leaps and bounds after opting for 1:1 mentoring with Dr. Webb. What sets her apart from all the other routinely used CASC courses is her thorough grasp of the subject matter, and her know-how of the commonly tested themes in CASC. No course gives such detailed, tailored, and specific feedback as Dr. Webb does. She pushes you to go above and beyond your own expectations. If you want to save time and money during your revision, you'd benefit massively from booking sessions with her. And she does this at an economically viable cost whilst the other courses literally fleece you. I would recommend Dr. Webb to every CASC candidate! Her sincerity of purpose to help you pass will be recognised in your initial sessions itself. She is kind, encouraging and patient. She puts in a massive amount of work in improving your performance. Thank you so much for helping me with my exams. I am hugely indebted to you.

Dr Alok Kulkarni, India

I have taken a number of attempts in CASC and had tried various courses throughout. All courses and tutors helped me in being a better candidate but I passed this time with the guidance by Dr. Amin. He is an enthusiastic coach who was devoted in the session. He gave very detailed feedback and demonstrated his way of dealing with a scenario. A written feedback highlighting the points would be given right away after the session. If you do serial sessions with him, he remembers your progress and would tailor the sessions for you to make the best out of it. Apart from the practical skills and knowledge, he also paid attention to the psychological preparation for the CASC exam and was a supportive caring coach throughout even on the day of exam. I would recommend Dr. Amin if you are preparing for the CASC exam.

Dr Wong

Thanks to your 1:1 training I passed on my final attempt. Having tried all the well known courses before this is the only thing that's worked for me.

Dr S.

Yours is the only one I did and I passed first time! It really helped get me over the line!

Dr Khan

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